1. WOD 05292012

    Hello. I did kinda sorta 1/2 a Murph in 30:31. Will someone please pick me up from the floor? Pretty please? And I would like some tacos, too, if that’s possible. Thanks bunches.

    For Time:
    Run 1 Mile
    50 Pull-Ups
    100 Push-Ups
    150 Squats
    Run 1 Mile

  2. 09:22 24th May 2012

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    WOD 05242012

    Egads.. last day of Crush Week for me but next Tuesday I’ll be doing a makeup Murph at 7am. I hate to admit it but I think I’m starting to curl up in a fetal position already.

    My legs are FRIED from “Hammer” and “Morrison” and it was another shirt stripper of a morning but in the end, worn out good times with my CFBFF’s. I made it thru the start of a 4th round with a final run.

    As Many Rounds As Possible In 20 Minutes Of:
    Run 400 meters
    12 Hang Squat Cleans - 45# kept it light so no bailing - legs are toast
    12 Burpees

  3. 09:48 23rd May 2012

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    Morrison. 24:24 - 20” box - 12k KB - 10# wallball. It was another shirt stripper of a WOD. OY. My sprained wrist still seriously bugs me, had to tape up the wrist and go lighter on the ball and kb. Doesn’t matter, still finished, form was great, left drips of sweat for about 5 blocks. Good times!

    50-40-30-20 and 10 Rep Rounds Of:

    Wall Ball Shots
    Box Jumps
    Kettlebell Swings 

  4. 17:42 21st May 2012

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    WOD 05212012

    Hammer is what it’s called and yes, it does try to beat you down. I actually had to take my shirt off, holy hell, what a chipper. 53# 19.33

    Five rounds, each for time, of:

    • Power clean, 5 reps
    • Front squat, 10 reps
    • Jerk, 5 reps
    • Pull-ups, 10 - scaled to a thin band
    • Rest 90 seconds
  5. 08:22 19th May 2012

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    WOD’s.. so many WOD’s

    Egads! This is what happens when things go spinning wildly, lack of keeping track of my workouts! Ok, here’s the list 5-8 thru 5-18:

    • Front Squats, heavy single, rope climbing!
    • Heavy single Push Press, Tabata DL and Burpees - note: it’s always nice to have a DL  heavier than the boys. 
    • Speed back squats at 65%, 21-15-9 Power Cleans and Pullups - this was fun. No, I’m not joking.
    • Snatch 3x5 at 70%, 4 intervals 2 minutes each of as many rounds possible of 30 overhead squats and 30 double unders, resting 2 minutes, starting each round where I left off. This one was a seriously annoying grinder.
    • Heavy double front squat and then this shite:
    • Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes following this hellish rep scheme:
      1 Knee To Elbow
      1 Games Standard Box Jump, 30”/24”
      2 Knee To Elbows
      2 Games Standard Box Jumps, 30”/24”
      3 Knee To Elbows
      3 Games Standard Box Jumps, 30”/24”
    • Heavy double push press, 5 rounds of the couplet 2 minutes run 270 meters then perform as many strict pull ups as possible, rest 2 minutes
    • Squat cleans, 3x5 seated box jumps, 75 kb swings, 50 hollow rocks
    • CINDY! I did not throw up.
  6. 10:13 7th May 2012

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    WOD 05072012

    Early session this morning, tons of stuff to do:

    Squat Clean

    1 Clean every minute, on the minute for 12 minutes, after working up to about 80%

    Assistance Work

    Seated Box Jumps 3x5 - these were fun, going from seated to the top of a 20” box was a good time

    75 Kettlebell Swings

    50 Hollow Rocks

  7. WOD 05042012

    Heavy triple for Front Squats today and a hella fun WOD: Annie. 50-40-30-20-10 DU’s and Situps. 7:49, was the first one done - ok so it was a small group (shhh), head and back of arms touching the mat each time. WOD’s that, to me, are more based on quickness and and ability are always extra good times. 


  8. 15:29 3rd May 2012

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    WOD 05032012

    Chichichippin WOD today! Initially moaned but after getting in, turned out to be kind of a perfect storm - it was weirdly great. Unfortunately I lost some weight these past weeks, stress is a mothertrucker!, and some strength went with it. Thank god not speed! Still fast - zoom!

    Push Press:

    Heavy triple, ended at 53#

    For Time:

    Row 500m
    40 KB Swings 16kg
    30 Pull-Ups 
    20 Thrusters 42#
    10 Burpees


  9. 11:06 2nd May 2012

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    WOD 05022012

    Slept hellish last night, really didn’t want to go in.. made myself go. Best idea ever (it always is).

    Speed Box Squats

    2x12 @ 55% - 67#

    5 Rounds for Time
    14 Dumbbell Hang Power Snatches, 7 each side - 15# left wrist taped
    50m Sprint

    Finished - 5:24

  10. 17:07 1st May 2012

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    WOD 04302012

    Yeah! Snatch Complex! Had to tape my wrists up.. but still happily cranked some good lifts out. 

    Complex for 5 total sets: 

    1 Hang Power Snatch
    1 Snatch Balance 
    1 Hang Squat Snatch

    Then with my CFBFF, with a 14# ball:

    Partner Workout:
    200 Wall Ball Shots for time